Michaela joins lab

Undergraduate student Michaela Cooley joins the BEAT Lab to carry out research in clot-targeted drug delivery. Welcome Michaela!

Christa wins Young Investigator Award

August 2014: Christa Modery-Pawlowski wins the 2nd tier Baxter Young Investigator Award for research on platelet-inspired synthetic hemostatic nanotechnology demonstrating the potential to save and sustain patients’ lives. Congrats Christa!

Preethi receives Case SOURCE Scholarship

Preethi Siva receives Case SOURCE Scholarship to continue her research in platelet-inspired technologies for metastasis treatment during Summer 2014. Congratulations Preethi!

Victor Pan and Lewis Tian graduate

Victor Pan and Lewis Tian graduate with Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering. Victor will be pursuing graduate studies to obtain a PhD in BME, while Lewis will pursue Medical School endeavors. Congrats Vic and Lewis!

Team wins second prize in Biomaterials Education Challenge

An educational team led by Christa Modery wins second prize in the Biomaterials Education Challenge at the SFB annual conference in Denver. Congrats Christa and team!

Michael Dzuricky graduates

Michael Dzuricky graduates with Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering. He is planning to work at Athersys (www.athersys.com) as a researcher for some time and then go to graduate school to pursue his doctoral degree. Congratulations Michael!

Students win SFB STAR Awards

Victor Pan wins the SFB STAR Award from Society for Biomaterials for presenting his research on platelet-inspired drug delivery systems for targeting metastasis, at the SFB annual conference in Denver. Christa Modery-Pawlowski also receives Honorable Mention in SFB STAR Awards program. Congrats Vic and Christa!

BEAT Lab receives NIH funding

BEAT Lab receives NIH R01 funding (Sen Gupta, PI) for synthetic platelet research! A fantastic opportunity to get the research to the next phase with in vivo studies! Congratulations to all members of BEAT Lab involved in this project! Here are the news clips:

Case Engineering


Case Think

Funding received from American Cancer Society

BEAT Lab receives Institutional Pilot Funding (Sen Gupta, PI) from American Cancer Society to carry out research studying the role of platelets in cancer metastasis.

Gurbani Kaur wins several awards

Hathaway Brown High School student Gurbani Kaur wins a plethora of state-level and national level awards for her research in cardiovascular drug delivery that she has been carrying out in the BEAT Lab since 2010. Congratulations Gurbani! The news clips are as follows:


Hathaway Brown


University of Akron