BEAT laboratory awarded new research grants

Dr. Sen Gupta and the BEAT laboratory has been awarded a new 5 year NIH R01 research grant ($1.9 million), an NCAI innovation grant ($250K) and a CCTRP translational research grant ($125K) to advance research in the area of platelet-inspired technologies, especially Synthetic Platelets and Thrombus-targeted Drug Delivery system. Previously in 2014, Dr. Sen Gupta had received another 5 year NIH R01 grant for his research on Synthetic Platelets. The two back-to-back R01 grants will help the laboratory to refine the platelet-inspired designs to develop Clot Makers and Clot Breakers by modulating the chemistry and composition of the synthetic particle platforms and payloads. The additional innovation and translational research grants will assist in advancing the evaluation of the technologies in large animal (pig) models of hemostasis and thrombosis. In these areas, the laboratory has established collaborations with Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.
The CCTRP grant news was recently highlighted in Case Daily:
Ujjal gives a podium presentation at BMES 2015

Ujjal gives a podium presentation at BMES 2015

Ujjal Didar Singh Sekhon, PhD student, gave a podium presentation at Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) Annual Conference 2015 in Tampa, Florida on research project titled 'Prophylactic Delivery of Synthetic Platelets Enhances Hemostasis in Severely Thrombocytopenia Mice'. This research is in collaboration with Dr. Keith McCrae's lab at the Cleveland Clinic. Ujjal gave an excellent talk and also received a $450 travel award from the BMES chapter at Case Western. Congratulations Ujjal!


Aditya joins BEAT lab

Graduate student Aditya Girish joins the BEAT Lab to pursue his PhD in the area of elucidating platelet involvement in cancer metastasis and utilizing this information to develop targeted therapies for metastasis. Welcome, Aditya!

DaShawn joins BEAT lab

MD-PhD student DaShawn Hickman joins the Lab to pursue his PhD in the area of Evaluation of Synthetic Platelet performance in pig models of traumatic injury. Welcome, DaShawn!

Dr. Christa Pawlowski appointed as a post-doctoral research associate

Dr. Christa Pawlowski, who obtained her PhD with an NSF graduate fellowship in the Sen Gupta laboratory focused on platelet-inspired biomedical technologies, has been appointed as post-doctoral Research Associate in the lab. Christa will be focusing on translating the Synthetic Platelet technology to clinical uses in transfusion medicine, through business development and industry partnerships. To this end, Christa is involved in an NSF-funded iCorps program focused on business model development and validation.

Michael joins lab

Graduate student Michael Sun joins the BEAT Lab and will work on thrombus targeted drug delivery. Welcome, Michael!

Research paper gets published

BEAT Lab’s collaborative research on 'Targeted killing of metastatic cells using a platelet-inspired drug delivery system' gets published in RSC advances!

Dr. Sen Gupta named Biomaterials Education SIG chair

The Society for Biomaterials has named Dr. Anirban Sen Gupta the chair for it's Biomaterials Education Special Interest Group. Congratulations, Dr. Sen Gupta!

Maya joins lab

Hathaway Brown student Maya Razmi joins the lab to build up on Kavya Ravinchandran’s research on cardiovascular drug delivery.

Oliver joins lab

Undergraduate biology student Oliver Li, from Ohio State University, joins the BEAT Lab. He will be working in the lab for the summer of 2015. Welcome, Oliver!