Principal Investigator

Dr. Anirban Sen Gupta
Dr. Anirban Sen Gupta

Dr. Sen Gupta is the Director and Principal Investigator of the Bioinspired Engineering for Advanced Therapies (BEAT) laboratory. Dr. Sen Gupta received his MS (in 2001) and PhD (in 2003) from The University of Akron, Ohio, with focus on polymeric biomaterials engineering. Currently he is a primary faculty of Biomedical Engineering (Associate Professor with tenure) at Case Western Reserve University ( Dr. Sen Gupta is currently the chair of the Biomaterials Engineering Track in the BME department at CWRU and he also serves as the Program Chair for the Biomaterials Education SIG in the Society for Biomaterials. He teaches several courses involving biomaterials, drug delivery, nanomedicine and quantitative biomolecular engineering. The research emphasis in his laboratory are in the areas of blood compatibility and blood-materials interactions, engineering of synthetic blood cells, targeted drug delivery in cardiovascular and cancer pathologies, and interfacial engineering for enhanced biocompatibility. Please refer to 'Research' tab for complete description of ongoing projects.

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Biomedical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University

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PhD Students

Aditya Girish

Aditya is a PhD candidate and joined Dr. Sen Gupta's lab in September 2015. He works on 'platelet interaction with cancer metastasis' project. He enjoys running and maintains interests in areas such as British comedy, cooking, politics and geography.

CV - Aditya Girish

Michael Sun

Michael is a graduate student and joined Dr. Sen Gupta's lab in July, 2015.

Ujjal Didar Singh Sekhon

Ujjal is a graduate student and joined Dr. Sen Gupta's lab in September, 2014. He is currently working on the project 'Multi-component Bio-responsive Hydrogel Composite for Hemostasis and Wound Healing '. He is an avid soccer fan and likes to read scientific articles and practice music during his spare time.

Michelle Cruz

MS Students

Norman Luc

Norman is a Medical Physiology master's student and joined the Sen Gupta Lab in February, 2017. He works on hemostatic drug delivery and the translational aspect of the SynthoPlate project.

Kara Hageman

Kara is a junior Biomedical Engineering Major on the Biomaterials track. She joined the lab Fall of 2016, after working the Summer of 2016 under Dr. Jordan Green, at John's Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, where she conducted drug delivery research targeting hepatic oncology. Kara is currently working on a cancer metastasis project with Dr. Sen Gupta. She is also co-captain of the Varsity Women's Basketball team and a member of Delta Gamma here at CWRU.

Undergraduate Students

Kelsey Swingle

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Stephanie Yang
Yvonne Ma
Kenji Miyazawa
Ankush Bannerjee
Kyle Coplan
Racquelle Rothschild
Abhishek Ramesh

High School Researchers

Tejal Pendekanti
Kaisal Shah


DaShawn Hickman

DaShawn Hickman is an MD/PhD Candidate and joined Dr. Sen Gupta’s lab in September 2015. He is enthusiastically involved at CWRU and serves as the National Chair for the Student National Medical Association. He enjoys dancing, choreographing, movies, and traveling.

CV - DaShawn Hickman