Sen Gupta Lab receives Ohio TVSF funding

Sen Gupta Lab receives funding from Ohio Third Frontier Technology Validation and Startup Funds (TVSF) Program to carry out scale up and efficacy studies of SynthoPlate (synthetic platelet) technology.

DaShawn and Michael present at BMES

DaShawn Hickman gave a podium presentation on his research evaluating synthetic platelet nanotechnology in small and large animal trauma models at BMES national conference 2016 in Minneapolis.

Additionally, Michael Sun presented a research poster on platelet microparticle inspired fibrinolytic drug delivery systems at the same conference.

Biomaterials Day at CWRU

Case SfB, in association with the University of Michigan and Carnegie Mellon University, chapter organizes Case Biomaterials Day with over a 100 participants from 9 universities across Ohio and neighboring state. Professor David Kohn from University of Michigan delivers the Roger marchant Memorial Keynote Lecture at the event.