DaShawn and Michael present at BMES

DaShawn Hickman gave a podium presentation on his research evaluating synthetic platelet nanotechnology in small and large animal trauma models at BMES national conference 2016 in Minneapolis.

Additionally, Michael Sun presented a research poster on platelet microparticle inspired fibrinolytic drug delivery systems at the same conference.

Biomaterials Day at CWRU

Case SfB, in association with the University of Michigan and Carnegie Mellon University, chapter organizes Case Biomaterials Day with over a 100 participants from 9 universities across Ohio and neighboring state. Professor David Kohn from University of Michigan delivers the Roger marchant Memorial Keynote Lecture at the event.

Sen Gupta Lab establishes Haima Therapeutics LLC

Sen Gupta Lab establishes Haima Therapeutics LLC

Dr. Sen Gupta and Dr. Christa Pawlowski establish Haima Therapeutics LLC with a vision for the translation and commercialization of platelet inspired technologies

Kavya goes to the finals

Kavya Ravichandran, high school student from Hathaway Brown, becomes a finalist in Intel ISEF competition, presenting on her research focused on clot targeted nanomedicine.

Sen Gupta Lab receives Department of Defense funding

Sen Gupta Lab receives $1 million DoD DMRDP prolonged field care research award to evaluate platelet mimetic technologies in large animal polytrauma and burn models.

Kara joins BEAT Lab

Kara Hageman joins BEAT Lab to carry out research in the area of platelet mediated mechanisms in cancer metastasis. Welcome, Kara!

Michael passes qualifier exam

Michael Sun has advanced to PhD candidacy and passed his oral qualifier exam. Congratulations, Michael!

Ujjal passes his qualifier exam

Ujjal Didar Singh Sekhon has advanced to PhD candidacy and passed his oral qualifier exam. Congratulations, Ujjal!

Tibby graduates

Tianbi Duan has graduated from her undergraduate BME program. Congratulations, Tibby!

Clarissa graduates

Clarissa Kos has graduated from her BME undergraduate program and joined the MEM program at Case Western Reserve University. Congratulations, Clarissa!